Welcome to Atlantic-Inland Inc.


New York Atlantic-Inland, Inc. is a firm specializing in electrical inspections throughout New York State since incorporation in 1977.

 We are Certified Electrical Inspectors servicing New York State. We are trained to examine the installation of electrical systems and equipment to ensure that they function properly and comply with electrical codes.  This entails visiting worksites to inspect new and existing wiring, lighting, motors, and generating equipment. We also inspect the installation of the electrical wiring for heating and air-conditioning systems, appliances and other equipment.

 These services are provided by forty-five (45) professional electrical inspectors, offering customers a timely inspection schedule.  We perform safety inspections for Rural Housing Services (RHS), Community Development, Adult Care Facilities, Public Schools and the Department of Social Services.

 New York Atlantic-Inland, Inc. requires all wiring to meet the standards of New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Codes, National Electrical Code (NEC) and any other regulation specified by a municipality, county or electric utility.          

Building Construction And Fire Safety

In 1982, with the inception of the regulations for building and fire codes, we expanded our operation to include inspections in accordance with the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code.

 Our building construction and fire safety inspectors are New York State Certified.  We contract with area municipalities and counties to assist with the administration and enforcement of the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code.  Each relies on our inspector’s observations and expertise relative to code review, inspections and recommendations. 


 We exist as a Company to experience the satisfaction of providing our customers superior services and values.  Our success is measured by our reputation for excellence as we adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards of conduct.  This Company is a team of ordinary people motivated and united by the understanding that the success in the electrical, fire safety, building construction, and fire alarm inspection business comes from the value of our customer’s needs, doing our personal best to address them.